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Our Network

At Virtual1, we integrate multiple carrier networks to give unbeatable choice and coverage to our Partners. But we’re also a network operator in our own right. So how exactly does our network work?

netowrk map

The Virtual1 Core

Virtual1 is a network operator in its own right – owning and operating a carrier-grade infrastructure. It is a state-of-the-art, fully redundant Juniper network built using multiple PoPs and resilient dark fibre.

The London Network

Extending across Greater London the infrastructure allows Virtual1 to offer high capacity Ethernet services from 100Mb up to 1Gb with the most competitive fixed London pricing on 100Mb, 500Mb and 1Gb services.

The network has seen a huge investment in its dedicated dark fibre across 50 PoP’s and datacenters creating a high capacity, low latency network. With our own dark fibre network connecting directly to OpenReach Exchanges we can provide greater security and protection through the short, well-documented path to the customer premises.

The Virtual1 Network uses 100+ Juniper routers and switches and hundreds of kilometers of new dark fibre meaning we can scale to over 100G. There are 2.4 million route entries; 1,200 cabinets. 2,000 Gb ports, over 500,000 on-net premises with  15 Tbps of throughput on the network.

By building out our own network, we are able to considerablyreduce the price of Ethernet connectivity, meaning our Partners can deliver highly competitive quotes without compromising their own margins.

Carrier Interconnects

We interconnect our core network with multiple carrier networks to create one seamless footprint. But we don’t just have 1 network partner; we partner with every major carrier in the UK as well as the leading global carriers to create a network which not only boasts unbeatable coverage in the UK, but also provides access to connectivity in more than 230 countries and territories worldwide.

What’s more, we have all access mechanisms available at every location, including Ethernet – in fact we boast access to one of the largest Ethernet footprints in the UK.

We’re also interconnected with every major SIP provider via the award-winning SIP Exchange, so customers have choice and flexibility over their SIP provider.

The Integrated Network

The key point is that we take only the raw connectivity from our carrier partners; we then add our own technologies and value on top, via our core infrastructure. By doing this we can offer:

  • A choice of both MPLS and Layer 2, since both are enabled on our network
  • Added value capabilities such as firewalls, QoS, and on-net Co-location
  • Resilient solutions offering 100% uptime to customers

We’ve also invested in our infrastructure so that our connections, the ‘pipes’ can carry any type of traffic – WAN, SIP, Internet, Video. This gives much greater flexibility to customers, reduces costs and reduces installation times across complex projects.

A Cloud-Ready Network

Our network is also interconnected into our state-of-the-art datacentre facilities, meaning we can provide the on-net capabilities of enhanced speed, connectivity and reliability ideal for building private cloud solutions.

For more information about our network, please contact your Account Manager.