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Virtual1 – we’ve got London covered

Virtual1 are a leading wholesale network provider delivering bespoke cloud and connectivity solutions.

With recent investment in our London network we can now provide the most competitive fixed London pricing on 100Mb and 500Mb services on over half a million on-net premises.

Virtual1:  Your Cloud, Your Way.

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You lost me!

November 2016, James Hickman. You shouldn’t trust everything the Internet tells you. The Internet is in essence a huge international network and requires quite a lot of admin to keep it going and there are still a lot of bits that you might think are tightly defined but the truth is generally the opposite. As an example, let’s take a look at geo-location data. When you ask your car satnav to plot a route to get somewhere, it can use a post code, one of a set of rough location points aroundread more Read more Blogs